Entrust us with your digital communication!

A communication agency is responsible for promoting a company on the web.

Thanks to the intervention of a community manager, the agency manages and animates the community of the client company on the social networks. The establishment creates and realizes the redesign of a website.

Work on your SEO

Our expertise to improve your visibility

Entrepreneurs who own small businesses often find it difficult to boost their brand awareness. To stand out, you can entrust this task to SEO experts. Having a design and performance website, like, offers visibility at any time and anywhere in the world.

Corporate website

The corporate website gathers all the official documents of a company’s activity.

E-commerce website

Attract more visitors and potential customers by designing an attractive e-commerce site.

Brand identity

Brand identity can be summarized in six facets: personality, physical, relationship, culture, reflection and mentalization.

Google referencing

Google referencing

Become more visible!

SEO : Be first on Google

Although many entrepreneurs aim for the first position on Google, others are more attracted by the zero position.


How to manage and retain your customers?

The management and especially the loyalty of customers are among the most important measures in a commercial strategy. To succeed in your Web marketing strategy, you must activate certain levers and adopt certain postures to build customer loyalty. You must also create an original customer experience to reinforce their commitment, like the case of

New web design inspirations

A website at the top of the webdesign!

If you want to have a good website, you must work on its design. Among the Web design trends of the moment is the minimalism. The graphic designers can test the technological advances in their Web creation. The oversize, addition of interactive and immersive 3D elements is also part of the web design trend.

The semi-flat design

Flat design allows messages to be transmitted more quickly. It is a modern and sober aesthetic.

Landing pages

The landing pages are very important for a blog. This technique is one of the pillars of a content strategy.

Videos everywhere!

Enhance your site by inserting videos. The addition of videos is at the forefront of web design trends.

The responsive design

The responsive design facilitates the reading and the navigation on a website whatever the terminal used.

Sea View Design

What we do for you!

Hire Sea View Design to create a website as well as other useful services like promoting a business on the internet. The service providers also take care of the SEO of the web portal. Before promoting the activity, the agency accompanies its client in the implementation of digital strategies.

Web design and development

The web developer improves the client’s needs by using a specification.

Audit, digital strategy consulting

Entrepreneurs must undertake a strategy to improve their business model.

Online advertising campaign

Set up an online advertising campaign to get a measurable ROI.

ROI and marketing plan

In search of a better customer experience

A digital acquisition agency builds a better customer experience. UX includes all interactions between brands and customers. Service providers who rely heavily on the Internet for their work rely heavily on the customer experience. This notion is essential in the era of digitalization of companies.

Web experts

Let's continuously improve your sites

Continually improve your sites to attract more traffic. This generates sales with a good conversion rate. The improvement of a site requires the intervention of several specialists mastering different skills. The principle is to cover all corrections and actions optimizing a portal.

The creation of Sitemaps

The sitemap is an essential file in the optimization of the natural referencing of an Internet portal.

Exploration and indexing

Exploration and indexing

Often, the indexation of a site takes time. It is also necessary to be patient before seeing your site indexed.

The loading speed of the site

The loading speed of a Web page is part of the criteria used by the Google algorithm.